Maintenance can be counted on to maintain the performance quality, reliability and life of the transformers throughout your electric power system by providing complete transformer service solutions


Repair consists of Portable Fault Gas Detector provides a sensitive and effective means for detecting faults in electrical transformers having gas space above the insulating oil.


on In Installation transformers of medium and large coreform design, from the smallest Padmount, to the largest Generator Step-Up with full security, quality and caution.

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We're here to keep your power system up and running with responsive and cost-effective service, maintenance and engineering support

Reliane Transformer Company recognises that your transformers are major investments that are designed, manufactured and installed to operate for forty plus years. Understanding the condition of equipment is essential for strategic planning and efficient asset utilisation. To support this need, we offer a holistic service and support for transformers including condition assessment, maintenance, repair and refurbishment.

Our ability to provide cost effective and innovative solutions for transformer life management is proven within the industry and is backed by the resources of our technical teams and manufacturing facilities.

We specialise in transformer life optimisation utilising comprehensive transformer audit services to provide accurate condition assessment reports and recommendations for strategic management decisions. We also provide systems for on-line monitoring to ensure asset life is maximised.